“Mike, FYI the Portfolio Management class will be the most challenging class you will ever take.”

These words were emailed to me a few months ago from a very wise man. Prescient!

I just wrapped up my 2nd week in my Portfolio Management (PM) course in Creighton University’s, Master in Investment Management program. The struggle is real.

With my perfect grade point average on the line, I am now saddled with a slightly disappointing 85.45% average. A solid “B”. I was doing superb until I began my first of four bi-weekly exams in PM and discovered that summer was indeed over. It’s time to get back to work. I would rank Professor Jorgensen’s PM exams an order of magnitude more difficult than the CFA exams. The only relief is that at 90 minutes, they do not require an entire day to complete. Like a bucket of ice water over my head, this first exam serves as a wake up call. Never again!

So, I will need a 94.55% over the next to weeks in order to make the 90% cut off for an “A”. Then I need to maintain at least a 90% over the final four weeks on all remaining assignments. Challenge accepted.