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Self Improvement

CFA Level 3 Exam Plan Of Attack

Tomorrow I will officially begin studying for the 2015 CFA Level 3 Exam. Only 153 days are remaining. Thank goodness for the leap year or it would only be 152 days! I am going to break my preparation for the… Continue Reading →

Achieving Goals

At approximately zero-two-hundred hours on the 21st of December CET, I submitted my final quiz. This wasn’t just any ordinary final quiz. This was literally my final quiz in Creighton University’s Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis (MIMFA). With the click of a mouse,… Continue Reading →

Self Reflection

I received my CFA Level 3 curriculum the other day and I have just finished reading my first Study Session entitled, “Behavioral Finance”. Behavioral Finance is Study Session 3 in the Level 3 curriculum. I skipped over Study Sessions 1 & 2… Continue Reading →

Taking R Out for a “SWIRL”

I have plunged head first into the world of R programing. I have officially completed my first class in the Data Science specialization with John Hopkins University through Coursera. The first class was fast and simple. This “fast and simple” lured me into signing… Continue Reading →

Schweser Q-bank

14 Days is all that remains. I am still slogging through each topic for one final review in my “200 hours in 36 days” commitment. I have 90 hours of studying left to do according to my calculations. I have finished… Continue Reading →

Once More Into The Breach My Friends….

Ideally with 19.5 days (Yes, I am now to the point where a half-day matters) left until I take the most important exam of my life, I should have a clear schedule where I can focus exclusively on the task… Continue Reading →

A Pattern Emerges

So, I took my FRA retest after just reading through the FRA section in my Secret Sauce book and I scored a 68% on a 50 question quiz. I feel much better about a 68% than my previous 62% for some reason. After… Continue Reading →

Hitting The Wall

I am down to 25 days and 18 hours, until I sit for the CFA Level II Exam. I have spent a total of 50 hours over the past 11 days studying for the exam. This leaves me with 150… Continue Reading →

Let the Fun Begin!

So, my Equity Analysis class started on the 5th of January. In true Adventures in Financial Analysis fashion, I have a major field training exercise beginning on the 12th of January. So I will spend the next few weeks, living in… Continue Reading →

2014 – Year in Review, and Looking Ahead

New Year’s Day! A day to reflect on previous 12 months, and to look ahead at what the next 12 months may hold. I would say that 2014 was a decent year for progress towards my goals. I have managed… Continue Reading →

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