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And Then There Was One….

I have not be writing posts with any frequency lately. In fact in September I only managed two posts which is an all-time low for Adventures in Financial Analysis. Why the slowdown? It is because I have been fighting for the past… Continue Reading →

They Are Watching Me…..

Who’s watching me? According to Google Analytics, not many people. However, it does sometimes feel like Creighton University knows what I am thinking about. A while back, I wrote about the MSAPM program, where I noted three things which I believed could be improved… Continue Reading →

Go Jays!

US News and World Report just came out with their graduate school rankings for 2016, so I immediately went to their graduate finance rankings to see how the schools were measuring up. So how did Creighton fare this year? Creighton’s… Continue Reading →

My CFA Study Plan Meets The Pareto Principle

I made another giant step towards achieving my goals last night. I finished my Equity Analysis class in the MSAPM program, and somehow maintained my 4.0 grade point average. This will be my last class until after I take the CFA… Continue Reading →

How Good Is The MSAPM Program?

Is Creighton’s MSAPM Program any good? I have heard and read more than a few times that Creighton’s graduate-flagship-finance program is not worth it. I am not sure what these naysayers are basing this opinion on because none of them have… Continue Reading →

News From the Frontlines

The 28th of January marked the end of another major training event here at the Joint Multi-national Readiness Center (JMRC). Here is a video if you want to see what Allied Spirit (the name of said major training event) was all… Continue Reading →

Let the Fun Begin!

So, my Equity Analysis class started on the 5th of January. In true Adventures in Financial Analysis fashion, I have a major field training exercise beginning on the 12th of January. So I will spend the next few weeks, living in… Continue Reading →

‘Cry Havoc!’, and Let Slip the Dogs of War!

On Saturday, I finished up studying the CFA topic of Corporate Finance. I found the Corporate Finance readings much more straight forward than the Economics readings I just finished recently. Something which is really starting to sink in for me,… Continue Reading →


I have moved significantly closer towards my goals recently. I just completed two more classes and five semester hours (Fixed Income and Derivatives II and Ethics II) in Creighton’s MSAPM program. It was close (and a tad painful), but my 4.0… Continue Reading →

Time to Eat Some Crow

In an earlier post I wrote about what I enjoyed about the MSAPM program at Creighton, and I also pointed out where they could use some improvements. Turns out I was partially wrong about one of my improvements. I will quickly recap… Continue Reading →

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