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Lessons Learned

Changing Gears

Just a short while ago I was laser-focused on passing the CFA Level III exam. Then suddenly, it was all over. I passed. While I am grateful that I do not have to go through the exams and everything they… Continue Reading →

Issues With Regression Analysis

I did not really understand what regression analysis was before I took my 2nd quantitative analysis class for my master’s degree. Sure, I had heard the term regression thrown around, but my understanding was truly limited. Once I dug into… Continue Reading →

How To Remember Everything

I am not very good at remembering some things. There have been more than a few times where I have walked into a store to buy something and suddenly find myself standing in the middle of the store unable to… Continue Reading →

Aftermath of a Strangle

Last week I posted about a strangle I placed on JCPenny. This week it is time to add up the cost of my education. My call option expired worthless. I sold my put option for $33. Altogether, my education cost… Continue Reading →

CFA Exam Weapons Of Choice

The CFA Institute is fairly restrictive about what you may bring into the examination with you: Pencils Erasers Pencil sharpener Calculators (only 2 types are allowed and they will be inspected). Extra batteries for your calculator and a small screwdriver… Continue Reading →

Adieu Économique

“Why won’t you die?” Freddy to Jason Like the villains from the pop-culture horror movies of the 1980s, economics is back again for the CFA level 3 exam to terrorize me. Last year I studied economics more than any other… Continue Reading →

Gambler’s Fallacy

Studying for the CFA exams changes your thinking in unexpected ways. I have noticed an inverse relationship whereas, the more I learn, the less I seem to think I know. This is not exactly what I expected when I began my… Continue Reading →

Adjusting Fire

Not too long ago, I posted my plan of attack to conquer the CFA Level 3 Exam. It was a great plan, but it is not going to work for me. Sometimes things happen which are beyond our control and… Continue Reading →

How Difficult Are The CFA Exams?

It is difficult to describe exactly what it takes to pass all three levels of the CFA Exams. People ask me about the exams all the time and I tell them it is difficult, but what does that mean? There… Continue Reading →

Taking R Out for a “SWIRL”

I have plunged head first into the world of R programing. I have officially completed my first class in the Data Science specialization with John Hopkins University through Coursera. The first class was fast and simple. This “fast and simple” lured me into signing… Continue Reading →

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