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The Best $100 I Ever Spent

The CFA level 3 exam has one major difference from the first two exams. The morning portion of the exam is written or structured response. I like structured response better so I am going to use that term. The previous… Continue Reading →

Making Some Progress

I finally started my CFA Level 3 studying in earnest this weekend.  With only 3 months remaining, it is time to focus! This weekend I tackled Study Session 3 (Behavioral Finance). I watched videos. I read CFA curriculum. I took notes. I… Continue Reading →

CFA Level 3 Exam Plan Of Attack

Tomorrow I will officially begin studying for the 2015 CFA Level 3 Exam. Only 153 days are remaining. Thank goodness for the leap year or it would only be 152 days! I am going to break my preparation for the… Continue Reading →

Tackling the CFA Level 3 Exam

As you progress through the levels of the CFA Exams, there is a certain evolution in the testing methodology. At the first level, you know exactly how many multiple choice questions from each subject that will be asked. These questions… Continue Reading →

Once More Into The Breach My Friends….

Ideally with 19.5 days (Yes, I am now to the point where a half-day matters) left until I take the most important exam of my life, I should have a clear schedule where I can focus exclusively on the task… Continue Reading →

A Pattern Emerges

So, I took my FRA retest after just reading through the FRA section in my Secret Sauce book and I scored a 68% on a 50 question quiz. I feel much better about a 68% than my previous 62% for some reason. After… Continue Reading →

176 Hours In 33 Days

I am 3 days into my “200 Hours In 36 Days” commitment and I have logged 24 hours of studying so far. I have spent the majority of this time on Quantitative Analysis with only a minor 3 hour foray… Continue Reading →

Tackling the CFA Level 2 Exam – Update

I posted a while back about “Tackling the CFA Level 2 Exam“, and I wanted to post a quick update about my progress. I have an Updated CFA-Level-II-Study-Plan, which can be downloaded, if you care to take a look. I have covered… Continue Reading →

The Next 50 Days

So, according to my countdown app, I only have 109 days until I sit for the CFA Level II Exam. That is literally right around the corner. Honestly, I do not feel as well-prepared for the CFA Level II Exam… Continue Reading →

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

I have been working on Study Session 4 (Economics), of the CFA Institute, 2015 Level II Curriculum, for what feels like an eternity now. When I first looked over Study Session 4, my first thought was, “Awesome! Only 3 readings!” Everything was copacetic,… Continue Reading →

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