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Is Your Thrift Savings Plan Optimized?

“What should I do with my Thrift Savings Plan?” I get that question all the time. If you don’t know what the Thrift Savings Plan is, you can check out my post covering the basics of the Thrift Savings Plan… Continue Reading →

Efficient Market Opportunities

A few of my professors from Creighton University recently published an article in The Journal of Wealth Management, where they tested the commonly held belief that the stock market is more volatile now than in the past. At first glance,… Continue Reading →

Aftermath of a Strangle

Last week I posted about a strangle I placed on JCPenny. This week it is time to add up the cost of my education. My call option expired worthless. I sold my put option for $33. Altogether, my education cost… Continue Reading →

Gambler’s Fallacy

Studying for the CFA exams changes your thinking in unexpected ways. I have noticed an inverse relationship whereas, the more I learn, the less I seem to think I know. This is not exactly what I expected when I began my… Continue Reading →

K-Cup Implosion

Looks like I was indeed a bit premature with my revisit of Keurig’s stock (GMCR). GMCR reported their latest quarter last night, and in the after and pre-market hours investors have taken their K-cups out to the woodshed for slaughter…. Continue Reading →

Score One For Active Management

A while back I posted about the performance of my TSP account, and I planted a mental note in my head to analyze my Roth IRA account in the same way when I got a chance. So I did. I printed out… Continue Reading →

Was David Einhorn Correct All Along?

At the 2011 Value Investing Congress, David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, presented Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) as a short opportunity. You can view the slides from his presentation here. If you don’t know what GMCR is all about, they make… Continue Reading →

The More I Learn, The Less I Earn.

In my Equity Analysis class at Creighton’s MSAPM program, we are learning yet again how active management fails to outperform the market. Here is a nice article if you need to get up to speed on the subject. If you prefer… Continue Reading →

Battle Royale – Survivor Benefit Plan vs. Term-Life Insurance

When you transition from the military, after 20+ years of service (there are a few exceptions which I will ignore for the sake of brevity), you are entitled to a pension. I have previously blogged about the value of military pensions,… Continue Reading →

Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve

Have you ever had a great thesis for a trade, then do nothing and watch your thesis prove itself out in the market? I don’t follow individual stocks too closely. I would love to, but I just don’t have an abundance of… Continue Reading →

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