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HP 12C

Manufacturing Urgency

Focus. Focus. Focus. I must focus. I am over half-way through my first pass studying the CFA level 3 curriculum. Technically, this is my second pass over most of the curriculum because the final 2 classes of my master’s degree program… Continue Reading →

CFA Level 3 Exam Plan Of Attack

Tomorrow I will officially begin studying for the 2015 CFA Level 3 Exam. Only 153 days are remaining. Thank goodness for the leap year or it would only be 152 days! I am going to break my preparation for the… Continue Reading →

Observations From The CFA Level II Exam

After I took the CFA Level I Exam, I blogged about my observations and it proved to be one of my more popular posts. I thought that I would follow up with my observations concerning my CFA Level II Exam experience while I… Continue Reading →

I Am The 1%

No, I am not a billionaire. I am definitely in the minority though,….when it comes to my choice in calculators. After my observations from the CFA Level 1 Exam, I paid extremely close attention to everyone’s calculators when I wrote… Continue Reading →

Observations from the CFA Level I Exam

While I wait for my results from the CFA Level I exam (due out on 29 July, 2014), I thought maybe it would be a good idea to document some of my observations about the exam. I took the exam on… Continue Reading →

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