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Aftermath of a Strangle

Last week I posted about a strangle I placed on JCPenny. This week it is time to add up the cost of my education. My call option expired worthless. I sold my put option for $33. Altogether, my education cost… Continue Reading →

Do Taxes Reduce Risk?

While studying for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 3 exam, there is a concept I came across which is new to me. In a taxable investment, volatility lowers risk. Here’s the formula: σAT = σ ( 1 – t… Continue Reading →

Hello Schweser

The other day I set a deadline of midnight on 27 March to finish going through the CFA level 3 curriculum. I had a total of 6 study sessions (13 to 18) to go over.  For the most part, I… Continue Reading →

Gambler’s Fallacy

Studying for the CFA exams changes your thinking in unexpected ways. I have noticed an inverse relationship whereas, the more I learn, the less I seem to think I know. This is not exactly what I expected when I began my… Continue Reading →

And Then There Was One….

I have not be writing posts with any frequency lately. In fact in September I only managed two posts which is an all-time low for Adventures in Financial Analysis. Why the slowdown? It is because I have been fighting for the past… Continue Reading →

The Struggle Is Real

  “Mike, FYI the Portfolio Management class will be the most challenging class you will ever take.” These words were emailed to me a few months ago from a very wise man. Prescient! I just wrapped up my 2nd week in… Continue Reading →

All is Calm in the Eye of the Hurricane

I sat for the CFA Level II Exam on June 6th. I have no idea if I passed or not. Most people are quite surprised to learn that in the “information age”, it takes approximately two months until I will know… Continue Reading →

All In

I am slowing improving in my Q-bank 50 question quizzes. I just completed a quiz on Alternative Investments and I earned my highest marks yet – 84% overall. Perhaps my future career is in private real estate, where I scored over… Continue Reading →

Once More Into The Breach My Friends….

Ideally with 19.5 days (Yes, I am now to the point where a half-day matters) left until I take the most important exam of my life, I should have a clear schedule where I can focus exclusively on the task… Continue Reading →

Hitting The Wall

I am down to 25 days and 18 hours, until I sit for the CFA Level II Exam. I have spent a total of 50 hours over the past 11 days studying for the exam. This leaves me with 150… Continue Reading →

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