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Is Your Thrift Savings Plan Optimized?

“What should I do with my Thrift Savings Plan?” I get that question all the time. If you don’t know what the Thrift Savings Plan is, you can check out my post covering the basics of the Thrift Savings Plan… Continue Reading →

Issues With Regression Analysis

I did not really understand what regression analysis was before I took my 2nd quantitative analysis class for my master’s degree. Sure, I had heard the term regression thrown around, but my understanding was truly limited. Once I dug into… Continue Reading →


So there I was. Alone in my HMMWV (Humvee), reading Study Session 7 in the CFA level 3 curriculum and I started laughing out loud. It is not often that I laugh at something I read in the CFA curriculum…. Continue Reading →

Do Taxes Reduce Risk?

While studying for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 3 exam, there is a concept I came across which is new to me. In a taxable investment, paying taxes lowers risk. Here’s the formula: σAT = σ ( 1 – t… Continue Reading →

Gambler’s Fallacy

Studying for the CFA exams changes your thinking in unexpected ways. I have noticed an inverse relationship whereas, the more I learn, the less I seem to think I know. This is not exactly what I expected when I began my… Continue Reading →

Victory Via A Bayesian Framework

Bayes formula has shown up yet again in the CFA Level 3 curriculum. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I love the idea of probabilistically thinking about things in order to make better decisions. It is just a rational… Continue Reading →

How Difficult Are The CFA Exams?

It is difficult to describe exactly what it takes to pass all three levels of the CFA Exams. People ask me about the exams all the time and I tell them it is difficult, but what does that mean? There… Continue Reading →

A Kold Kall

I have blogged a few times about the struggles of Keurig (GMCR) here, here, and here. Their latest product, the Keurig Kold does not seem to be doing as well as GMCR had hoped. In the picture above, the Keurig Kold… Continue Reading →

Military Pension or Ford Mustang?

An article came out in MilitaryTimes about a month ago, that once again discussed how to tweak military pensions. The latest and greatest ideas are the result of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission’s report, which came out on 29… Continue Reading →

Battle Royale – Survivor Benefit Plan vs. Term-Life Insurance

When you transition from the military, after 20+ years of service (there are a few exceptions which I will ignore for the sake of brevity), you are entitled to a pension. I have previously blogged about the value of military pensions,… Continue Reading →

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