This post is an update from my Diplomacy board game. Original posts are here and here.

How much studying did you get done today?

Not much.

What did you do today then?

I rebuilt the Roman Empire, that’s what. On the map above I played Italy indicated by the green color. Rome hasn’t seen this kind of glory for over 1600+ years.

Perhaps I have not studied the CFA level 3 curriculum as much as I should have today, but I did manage to  reestablish (most of) the Roman Empire. This sounds like a Herculean task, but I had a secret weapon. Bayes’ Theorem.

It turns out that the board game Diplomacy is a great place to practice using Bayes Theorem. I managed to swing a 3-way draw with German and Austria. If you did not know, Italy is the most likely to lose at the start of any Diplomacy game. Through Bayes’ Theorem, I was better able to anticipate what my adversaries were doing. I had fun using Bayes’ Theorem in a practical instead of a theoretical sense. Hopefully this translates into a better overall understanding and gives me a fighting chance if Bayes’ Theorem shows up on the CFA level 3 exam this June.

Speaking of the CFA exam, time to get back to the books and chew through alternative investments.