Only 30 days remain. That’s it.

I have been living the dream this past week. I completed the Schweser 3-day intensive review. I have been digging deep into alternative investments, risk management and derivatives in the curriculum and Schweser Notes. I have taken a week off of work just to study.

Who does that?

Seriously, I currently live in the middle of Europe and I could use my time off to go see  some of the most amazing sights on the planet. Instead, I chain myself to my desk and endlessly study for a CFA exam that I might not even pass. The path to becoming a CFA charter holder is an all-consuming commitment. Gollum understands what an all-consuming commitment means.

This guy knows what I am talking about.

I have reached the point of my CFA studying where I actually dream about the material. Last night I was dreaming about currency hedges of all things. I had a profound revelation and awoke. Eureka! I finally figured out how to use a swap to hedge currency risk. Seconds later I realize that I actually do not  comprehend currency hedges very well and back to sleep I went.

Like I said, I am living the dream. Or is this a nightmare?

I probably need to cut down on the caffeine intake a bit.