Ideally with 19.5 days (Yes, I am now to the point where a half-day matters) left until I take the most important exam of my life, I should have a clear schedule where I can focus exclusively on the task at hand. Unfortunately for me, freedom will be defended. Yet another training exercise is underway at the Joint Multinational Training Center (JMRC) known as Combined Resolve IV. I will have the privilege of working closely with a motorized infantry platoon from the Czech Republic over the next few weeks as they fight their away across the JMRC training area. I actually enjoy working with the Czechs, it is always an interesting experience. This training exercise will definitely make things difficult, as I will be sitting down for the CFA Level II Exam approximately 48 hours after I emerge from the woods.

Lucky for me, my Equity studying has gone smashingly well over the last 36 hours. I have completed Study Sessions 10 & 11, which puts me 2/3rds of the way through Equity. I took a 50 question quiz on the two Equity Study Sessions today and managed an 82% on the material. I would have done better, but for some reason I kept messing up the H-model. This was a good learning experience for me because the H-model is now seared into my brain FOR-EVER.

So, how will I stay on track with my CFA Exam study plan while still giving these Czech soldiers the observing, coaching and training they deserve? I will just do it because there is no other way. I will have to use every available moment of downtime as efficiently as possible. Tomorrow night I study in the woods surrounding by the land defense forces of the Czech Republic. Once more into the breach my friends………..