Yesterday was a big day.

I got my CFA Level 2 Exam results from the CFA Institute and I passed! One giant step closer to my goals.

I am on top of the world!

The CFA Level 2 Exam was an order of magnitude more difficult than the Level 1 exam in my opinion. I am ecstatic to be moving on. In a few hours when registration opens up for the 2016 Level 3 Exam at the CFA Institute, I will officially become a CFA Level 3 Candidate.

I did not get here alone. I had my professor’s at Creighton University, my brothers-in-arms at work who cover my slack whenever I need it, and especially my family who kept everything running while I spent every evening, weekend and holiday with my nose buried in books. The past year was trying, but we made it and the view is great.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, I could not have done it without you.

Up next……my 2 final Classes in my master’s degree program, and the CFA Level 3 Exam next June.

Giddy up!