The 28th of January marked the end of another major training event here at the Joint Multi-national Readiness Center (JMRC). Here is a video if you want to see what Allied Spirit (the name of said major training event) was all about. Normally, when I take part in major training events my grades can drop precipitously. Not this time though, I managed to emerge with a 92.2% in my Equity Analysis class. In my previous class (Fixed Income and Derivatives II) my grade was 500bps lower at this point in time. The struggle was real in the second half of that class to bring the grade up into ‘A’ territory.

You can see some of my tools-of-the-trade for getting things done while in “Army-mode” in the photo above: Arizona Ice Tea, iWerkz Bluetooth keyboard, Samsung tablet, my HMMWV work desk and my four-year-old  map of JMRC. The photo is from the inside of my HMMWV where I spend a good bit of my life. Seriously, I eat, sleep, study, drive, read and work in my HMMWV twenty-two hours a day during major training exercises.

In other big news, the CFA Institute released the December Level I exam results the other day. The pass rate was 44%, which means most people are still failing the exam. In another vote of confidence for Creighton’s MIMFA program, one of my fellow classmates let me know that he made the cut and would be joining me in the Level II festivities in June. To those that passed, congratulations. To the majority that failed, June is just around the corner. It doesn’t matter if you failed, it only matters that you dust yourself off and take it again until you don’t fail.