I wish I had the time and the skills to compete in this. I am seriously lacking in the MS Excel department currently to have any chance at competing. Hint: if you need a mouse (like me) to use MS Excel, you probably do not stand a chance. Perhaps next year I will be better prepared.

I am making some progress on my four , make that three-week break before my classes resume. I have logged about two hours on Babbel.com and I discovered this channel on YouTube, which is extremely helpful. I have never heard anyone as passionate about MS Excel as the Highline Community College professor in these videos. I have watched this video twice and have figured out how to use the MMULT and TRANSPOSE functions to calculate portfolio risk which was giving me a hard time in my previous post.

Here is an example of a ModelOff round one question from 2013. Good luck to everyone competing in this year’s ModelOff!