So, my Equity Analysis class started on the 5th of January. In true Adventures in Financial Analysis fashion, I have a major field training exercise beginning on the 12th of January. So I will spend the next few weeks, living in my HMMWV, hunched over my laptop, trying to figure out why my strategy needs a strategy. No matter how carefully I attempt to plan my class schedule, Creighton University and the US Army just seem to do things contemporaneously. Contemporaneously, is a word that seems to come up often in the Equity readings so far. If I never earn the privilege of becoming a CFA Charterholder, I will at least have expanded my vocabulary immensely. If you graphed time on the x-axis (let’s say the past five years) and how many five-dollar words that I have been introduced to on the y-axis, the data would exhibit heteroskedasticity.

I am not really complaining, in fact, I tend to study best out in the woods. There are very few distractions when I am working during these training exercises, which allows me to laser focus on the task at hand. I better hope that the null hypothesis is rejected on my last statement. Starting in April I will be effectively “in the woods” until the 3rd of June. Naturally, the CFA Level II Exam is scheduled for the 6th of June – perfect!!!!

Oh well, right now the task at hand is equity analysis. Let the fun begin!