Judgement day will soon be upon us.

No. Not the sci-fi movie from the 90’s pictured above, but the CFA level 1 & 2 exam results will be released soon. The results will be emailed out from the CFA mothership at 0900 a.m. on the 26th of July. If historical pass rates can be trusted as a reliable guide for the future, disappointment will outweigh elation after the results are out. The pass rates from 1963 through 2015 is only 42% for the level 1 exam and only 46% for the level 2 exam. According to this tweet from the CFA Institute 170,000 candidates registered for the exams this year.


Theses numbers only include the candidates who actually bothered to show up for the exam. Once again if history repeats itself, approximately 40,000 of those candidates didn’t even bother to show up. By the way, the CFA Institute does not include the “no-shows” into the pass rate calculations.

My CFA level 3 exam results will have to wait until the 9th of August. Judgement day for all CFA level 3 candidates is delayed for two more weeks because of the complexities involved in grading the constructed response a.m. portion of the exam. I haven’t thought much about the CFA exams since I completed the exam in early June. As the results dates’ approach, it is starting to creep back into my conscience. Mostly it is thoughts of hope that I made the cut and passed, interspersed with the dread of failure and the prospect of enduring that very special hell ever all over again.

To everyone waiting for their results I wish you the best of luck.