I passed the CFA Level 3 Exam!

I am done.

This is a surreal moment for me. I have been working towards this for 3 years now and with the receipt of an email from CFA Institute, the journey is over (sort of). I still need the 4 years of work experience to become a full-fledged regular member and earn the privilege of having the 3 magic letters after my name. Besides the work experience, I am done.

I did not make this happen on my own. My professors at Creighton University were amazing. My colleagues at work covered for me and supported me whenever I needed it. Arif Irfanullah had the most amazing videos dealing with the a.m. portion of the CFA Level 3 Exam. Most importantly, my family took care of business and kept everything above water while I buried my nose in books every waking moment. I could not have made it without any of them.

Thank you!