I am down to 25 days and 18 hours, until I sit for the CFA Level II Exam. I have spent a total of 50 hours over the past 11 days studying for the exam. This leaves me with 150 hours to go in my “200 hours in 36 days” commitment. I have just finished up going through Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA). I have studied this topic more than any other topic in the CFA Level II Curriculum so far and it does not seem to matter. I just keep hitting a wall with how much I can recall and how high I score in FRA when I quiz myself. On my last quiz I scored 62% on a fifty question quiz.

Here are my stats for my eight FRA quizzes I have taken in Schweser’s Q-bank:

  • High Score: 75%
  • Low Score: 50%
  • Range: 25%
  • Mean Score: 64%
  • Standard Deviation: 8.669

I made a scatter plot in MS Excel with my test scores as the dependent variable on the X-axis and my total cumulative study time as the independent variable on the Y-axis. FRA Scatter Plot

The trend line is in red and if you know anything about regression analysis, the return on my time invested is not bearing significant fruit.

I am hoping this is just the result of something other than what the trend line is implying. I am hoping that it has something to do with being tired and not paying enough attention to details. I do have an example of this. On one of the Schweser Q-bank questions I answered incorrectly, I actually had the correct answer but read my calculator wrong. The calculation was, 2% * $15 *1,000 shares = $300. I thought my calculator was saying $3,000 and selected the incorrect answer. At first I thought Schweser had made a mistake, but upon further review, it was my mistake.

So what do you do when you hit a wall and can’t seem to make progress? I take my dog for a walk and clear my head in the German countryside surrounding my home. I will take a small break and retest FRA tonight. No matter what happens though, I am moving on to Corporate Finance. Here are some dog walking photos. Germany is easy on the eyes.

Walk Dog 1walk dog 2