About a month ago, I blogged about how we were moving to the United Kingdom.

“I am 95% certain that I will be living in the United Kingdom instead of the United States in five months time”, is exactly what I said.

It was a one-tailed test and that tail was fat. In other words, we are not moving to the United Kingdom. There are many reasons for my family to move back to the States as opposed to living overseas for a few more years, but one of the biggest is so that my youngest son can have a “normal” high school experience. He likes football, he loves baseballĀ and has been looking forward to playing on a high school team for a number of years now. Like many kids his age, he dreams of playing professional sports. He knows the odds are slim and he is unlikely to ever make it, but they are even slimmer if we move to the UK.

Who am I to crush his dreams?

Logistics is another large issue with moving to the UK. Two cars, two kids, a small cat, a big dog and a home full of stuff is a lot to move around. If we go to the UK for a few years, we are either moving it twice or putting much of it into storage and buying temporary stuff for the UK. Either way is incredibly wasteful.

After spending 11+ of the past 19 years overseas, it is time to come home.