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Soldier to Civilian….the transition

Once More Into The Breach My Friends….

Ideally with 19.5 days (Yes, I am now to the point where a half-day matters) left until I take the most important exam of my life, I should have a clear schedule where I can focus exclusively on the task… Continue Reading →

Battle Royale – Survivor Benefit Plan vs. Term-Life Insurance

When you transition from the military, after 20+ years of service (there are a few exceptions which I will ignore for the sake of brevity), you are entitled to a pension. I have previously blogged about the value of military pensions,… Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Get Serious

I bought Kaplan Schweser’s Essential Study Package for the 2015 CFA Level II Exam, quite a while ago. At first I was confused as to why it was taking longer than a month for my Schweser Notes to arrive, and then I remembered that… Continue Reading →

Military Pensions Revisited……. Again

I read an article last night in Military Times, about how they are looking at ways to “tweak” the military pension system to save the Pentagon some money. I would like to see how this newly proposed system stacks up value-wise to the traditional… Continue Reading →

Effiziente Nutzung der Zeit

I have four weeks. Four weeks until I start classes (Fixed Income and Derivatives II and Ethics II) back up at Creighton’s MSAPM program. From 20 October until 14 December, I will not have much of a life. What should… Continue Reading →

Value of a Military Pension Part Deux

In a previous post, I discussed possible values for a military pension using some standard time value of money calculations. Something about my results bothered me though. So, what bothered me? It has to do with the discount rate. The discount… Continue Reading →

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The results are in and I have escaped Level I purgatory, and I am now about to officially enter the treacherous CFA Level II exam waters (official registration for exams does not start until tomorrow). I am one step closer to accomplishing my goals… Continue Reading →

Value of a Military Pension

We have been studying pensions in my Advanced Financial Analysis class at Creighton University, and it made me think about how much a military pension is worth. It is fairly easy to calculate how much a military retiree will receive each month, but… Continue Reading →

And So It Begins…..

Hello, Adventures in Financial Analysis is about my journey into the world of finance.  I am currently a soldier with less than 3 years until retirement as of July 2014. With my military retirement fast approaching, I started seriously contemplating… Continue Reading →

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