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Soldier to Civilian….the transition

Changing Gears

Just a short while ago I was laser-focused on passing the CFA Level III exam. Then suddenly, it was all over. I passed. While I am grateful that I do not have to go through the exams and everything they… Continue Reading →

Coming Home

About a month ago, I blogged about how we were moving to the United Kingdom. “I am 95% certain that I will be living in the United Kingdom instead of the United States in five months time”, is exactly what… Continue Reading →

The Only Constant Is Change

There have been several things going on lately. Big life-changing things.  My wife is originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I had always assumed that was where we would end up after my time in the military was complete…. Continue Reading →

2015 – A Year Of Progress

It’s the first day of 2016! Time to take stock of what happened in 2015, and look ahead to 2016. Overall, my 2015 was great. In fact, it was even better than my 2014. Quick review of 2015: I finished my… Continue Reading →

Tackling the CFA Level 3 Exam

As you progress through the levels of the CFA Exams, there is a certain evolution in the testing methodology. At the first level, you know exactly how many multiple choice questions from each subject that will be asked. These questions… Continue Reading →

Achieving Goals

At approximately zero-two-hundred hours on the 21st of December CET, I submitted my final quiz. This wasn’t just any ordinary final quiz. This was literally my final quiz in Creighton University’s Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis (MIMFA). With the click of a mouse,… Continue Reading →

Networking Like A Ninja

With only 16 months remaining in the military my transition to civilian life is fast approaching. 16 months sounds like ample time, but I already have plenty going on, including: Completing a rigorous masters degree with Creighton University. Already being engaged in… Continue Reading →

Self Reflection

I received my CFA Level 3 curriculum the other day and I have just finished reading my first Study Session entitled, “Behavioral Finance”. Behavioral Finance is Study Session 3 in the Level 3 curriculum. I skipped over Study Sessions 1 & 2… Continue Reading →

Git Some Github

So my first Coursera class with John Hopkins University has started and I am excited to be part of the Data Science specialization. While the Data Science classes focus on health and medicine, the mathematical and statistical concepts behind the subjects are universal… Continue Reading →

All is Calm in the Eye of the Hurricane

I sat for the CFA Level II Exam on June 6th. I have no idea if I passed or not. Most people are quite surprised to learn that in the “information age”, it takes approximately two months until I will know… Continue Reading →

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