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Do Taxes Reduce Risk?

While studying for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 3 exam, there is a concept I came across which is new to me. In a taxable investment, paying taxes lowers risk. Here’s the formula: σAT = σ ( 1 – t… Continue Reading →

The Tax Man Cometh

I started studying Schweser Notes in earnest this week. The first two study sessions were Ethics. Ethics was a breeze. I attribute this to two things: Ethics is the only subject that is basically identical from the level 1 curriculum… Continue Reading →

Hello Schweser

The other day I set a deadline of midnight on 27 March to finish going through the CFA level 3 curriculum. I had a total of 6 study sessions (13 to 18) to go over.  For the most part, I… Continue Reading →

Manufacturing Urgency

Focus. Focus. Focus. I must focus. I am over half-way through my first pass studying the CFA level 3 curriculum. Technically, this is my second pass over most of the curriculum because the final 2 classes of my master’s degree program… Continue Reading →

Adieu Économique

“Why won’t you die?” Freddy to Jason Like the villains from the pop-culture horror movies of the 1980s, economics is back again for the CFA level 3 exam to terrorize me. Last year I studied economics more than any other… Continue Reading →

Making Some Progress

I finally started my CFA Level 3 studying in earnest this weekend.  With only 3 months remaining, it is time to focus! This weekend I tackled Study Session 3 (Behavioral Finance). I watched videos. I read CFA curriculum. I took notes. I… Continue Reading →

Adjusting Fire

Not too long ago, I posted my plan of attack to conquer the CFA Level 3 Exam. It was a great plan, but it is not going to work for me. Sometimes things happen which are beyond our control and… Continue Reading →

I Have Met The Enemy

When I started this blog, it was as an open journal. The idea was that I would proclaim what I hoped to accomplish to the world, and then I would be more likely to act on what I wrote out. How… Continue Reading →

How Difficult Are The CFA Exams?

It is difficult to describe exactly what it takes to pass all three levels of the CFA Exams. People ask me about the exams all the time and I tell them it is difficult, but what does that mean? There… Continue Reading →

CFA Level 3 Exam Plan Of Attack

Tomorrow I will officially begin studying for the 2015 CFA Level 3 Exam. Only 153 days are remaining. Thank goodness for the leap year or it would only be 152 days! I am going to break my preparation for the… Continue Reading →

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