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Lessons Learned

I Have Met The Enemy

When I started this blog, it was as an open journal. The idea was that I would proclaim what I hoped to accomplish to the world, and then I would be more likely to act on what I wrote out. How… Continue Reading →

A White Knight to the Rescue

I have been chronicling the trials and tribulations of Kreurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) for almost a year now. I’ve written four posts before which are listed and linked below in chronological order: Was David Einhorn Correct All Along? Revisiting David Einhorn’s… Continue Reading →

The Struggle Is Real

  “Mike, FYI the Portfolio Management class will be the most challenging class you will ever take.” These words were emailed to me a few months ago from a very wise man. Prescient! I just wrapped up my 2nd week in… Continue Reading →

Self Reflection

I received my CFA Level 3 curriculum the other day and I have just finished reading my first Study Session entitled, “Behavioral Finance”. Behavioral Finance is Study Session 3 in the Level 3 curriculum. I skipped over Study Sessions 1 & 2… Continue Reading →

Taking R Out for a “SWIRL”

I have plunged head first into the world of R programing. I have officially completed my first class in the Data Science specialization with John Hopkins University through Coursera. The first class was fast and simple. This “fast and simple” lured me into signing… Continue Reading →

One Year Ago Today….

Adventures in Financial Analysis was launched one year ago today. It has been a busy year and the next year promises to be just as busy. I am actually a bit surprised at how well the website has done. I… Continue Reading →

Observations From The CFA Level II Exam

After I took the CFA Level I Exam, I blogged about my observations and it proved to be one of my more popular posts. I thought that I would follow up with my observations concerning my CFA Level II Exam experience while I… Continue Reading →

All In

I am slowing improving in my Q-bank 50 question quizzes. I just completed a quiz on Alternative Investments and I earned my highest marks yet – 84% overall. Perhaps my future career is in private real estate, where I scored over… Continue Reading →

Score One For Active Management

A while back I posted about the performance of my TSP account, and I planted a mental note in my head to analyze my Roth IRA account in the same way when I got a chance. So I did. I printed out… Continue Reading →

My CFA Study Plan Meets The Pareto Principle

I made another giant step towards achieving my goals last night. I finished my Equity Analysis class in the MSAPM program, and somehow maintained my 4.0 grade point average. This will be my last class until after I take the CFA… Continue Reading →

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