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Mastering the Chaos

I have been playing the Diplomacy board game online for roughly a year now over at Roughly half-way through the year, I started using a Bayesian framework to help predict what my competitors were attempting to do. I have… Continue Reading →

Changing Gears

Just a short while ago I was laser-focused on passing the CFA Level III exam. Then suddenly, it was all over. I passed. While I am grateful that I do not have to go through the exams and everything they… Continue Reading →

The Journey To Being Less Wrong

Sitting around the dinner table last night I rattled off some obscure fact about the alcohol content of Belgian versus German beers to my family. My oldest child looked at me and said, “How much of your brain is dedicated… Continue Reading →

Coming Home

About a month ago, I blogged about how we were moving to the United Kingdom. “I am 95% certain that I will be living in the United Kingdom instead of the United States in five months time”, is exactly what… Continue Reading →

The Only Constant Is Change

There have been several things going on lately. Big life-changing things. ¬†My wife is originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I had always assumed that was where we would end up after my time in the military was complete…. Continue Reading →

Thank You

My blog is officially 2 years old today. I am always surprised that people actually read what I have to say. Over the past 2 years, I have reached nearly every corner of the globe except for central¬†Africa and the… Continue Reading →

Aftermath of a Strangle

Last week I posted about a strangle I placed on JCPenny. This week it is time to add up the cost of my education. My call option expired worthless. I sold my put option for $33. Altogether, my education cost… Continue Reading →

The Lean Six Sigma Lense

In February 2015, I participated in the Army’s Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt training. It was a great course and it provided me with an opportunity to put my quantitative analysis skills to use in a setting other than a CFA… Continue Reading →


So there I was. Alone in my HMMWV (Humvee), reading Study Session 7 in the CFA level 3 curriculum and I started laughing out loud. It is not often that I laugh at something I read in the CFA curriculum…. Continue Reading →

Rebuilding Rome

This post is an update from my Diplomacy board game. Original posts are here and here. How much studying did you get done today? Not much. What did you do today then? I rebuilt the Roman Empire, that’s what. On… Continue Reading →

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