I have not be writing posts with any frequency lately. In fact in September I only managed two posts which is an all-time low for Adventures in Financial Analysis. Why the slowdown?

It is because I have been fighting for the past 8 weeks. In the red corner was yours truly. In the blue corner was Creighton University’s capstone course for their Investment Management masters degree (MIMFA). Actually it was more like a street brawl. What was I fighting for?

My 4 point Oh grade point average.

The fight concluded on the 19th of October when I “clicked” the submit button on the last exam. In the end, I was victorious. My perfect grade point average is still intact and I am one step closer to my goals. Whew! That was close!

It is hard to believe that I am almost complete with Creighton’s MIMFA program. With the click of my mouse, the capstone course was finished and then there was one…..