I sat for the CFA Level II Exam on June 6th. I have no idea if I passed or not. Most people are quite surprised to learn that in the “information age”, it takes approximately two months until I will know if I have passed or not. I feel as though I did well, but the minimum passing score is so ambiguous (page 10 in the link to the left), that I cannot be certain about my prospects. It is quite conceivable to have one bad item set (or two or three!) which could seriously destroy your chances of passing the exam. I know there are a few questions I missed for certain. I know there are more than a few questions I had to guess at or take a “best guess”, but overall I feel fairly confident. Unfortunately, Standard VII (A) prevents me from speaking about anything specific concerning CFA Exams.

Now that my CFA Level II Exam is over a strange thing has happened which I have not experienced for quite some time. I have free time. How will I spend this time?

  • I read “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis, which I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I am a Michael Lewis fan and I enjoy reading his books; “Flash Boys” certainly did not disappoint. I understand how the markets actually work to a much greater degree now.
  • I am starting to look at my transition from military to finance much more closely. With only 18 months remaining as a soldier, I am getting excited about transitioning to a new career path. There is much to do and while 18 months sounds like ample time, I have 2 more masters classes to complete and at least one more CFA Exam to contend with.
  • I am going to sign up through Coursera for John Hopkins University’s Data Science specialization. This will give me a more formal base of knowledge concerning R programming, introduce me to the world of Github and sharpen my quantitative tools. My first class starts in three days.

All is quiet for now. I know I am really in the eye of the hurricane and things are about to get busy again. I best use my time wisely.