Hello, my name is Michael Field.

Adventures in Financial Analysis is about my journey into the world of finance.  I am a soldier with approximately 24 18 10 months until I transition to the civilian world. With my transition fast approaching, I started seriously contemplating what I would do next.

I started this blog to hold myself accountable to my goals, which are:

  1. Finish Creighton University’s Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis program with a 3.9 or higher GPA (expected graduation December 2015).
  2. Pass all three CFA exams on the first attempt (level I 2014, level II 2015 and level III 2016). The odds.
  3. Become more proficient in MS Excel prior to my transition from the military (probably more useful career wise than doing everything on my trusty HP 12C calculator).
  4. Become more proficient in “R” programming prior to retirement from the military (every financial analyst should know at least one computer language for statistics and graphics, right?).
  5. Ich muss mehr Deutsch lernen. I need to tighten up my German language skills. It may be embarrassing if I go to a job interview after living in Germany for the past six years, and only be able to communicate at the caveman level “auf Deutsch”. I don’t think being bilingual would ever hurt my employability.

The bottom line is that when I transition from soldier to civilian, I want to be as prepared as possible and this blog is here to keep me on target.

Off I go!