“Why won’t you die?”

Freddy to Jason

Like the villains from the pop-culture horror movies of the 1980s, economics is back again for the CFA level 3 exam to terrorize me. Last year I studied economics more than any other subject and still did poorly with a less than 50% score on the exam. I do not  recall much of what was precisely on the CFA level 2 exam, but I knew I did not do well on the economics questions. In particular, it is the currency subjects within economics which give me the most trouble. I don’t know what it is about currency, but when I read the curriculum my mind wanders, my eyes glaze over, and I can’t seem to focus.

This year the stakes are even higher. Maybe.

The Return of Economics

The picture above shows the topic weights by subject and as you can see, economics potentially makes it’s largest appearance ever at 15%. Reading 18, “Currency Management” is reminiscent of my economics quagmire from last year. I spent a tremendous amount of time on currency before just deciding to move on. Today, I have decided to just cut my losses and move on now. I will come back to currency management when I start going through my Schweser’s Notes and I will make sure to ask lots of questions on this topic during my 3-intensive review. If I need to spend more time on currency management, I think it would be better for me to spend that time closer to the actual exam date so it is fresher in my mind when I am sitting the exam. One day I will conquer currency, but it will not be today.

One day I will conquer currency, but it won’t be today.

So for now, “adieu économique”, lower hanging fruit awaits.